Build Your Email List From Scratch - With Hari Kumaran
ALERT: Join only if you can spend time to build list for your business

Build Your First Online Business

The most common mistake by any blogger or entrepreneur is not building their own email list.

If you are not building an email list, then you not are building your business.

Let's build your business by creating your email list first.

You don't need to spend a dime on building your email list.

Go From 0 to 100 Email Subscribers in 5 Days!

What You Will Learn From Course?

5-day email course is structured in a very simple and efficient way to build your email list without spending any money.

Once you subscribe to the course, you will receive a step by step instruction for the next 5 days to:

⏩ Identify your Business idea/Niche
⏩ Build Your List With Zero Spend
⏩ Evaluate Your Ideas
⏩ Sending Newsletter

More than 1000 people around the world have participated in this course and build their first email list.

About Your Mentor

Hari Kumaran

Hi, I’m Hari Kumaran, married to a superwoman, started my career as a Courier Boy turned Product guy and now I’m a Tech-Marketing Entrepreneur with Digital Marketing expertise, have worked with 200+ clients, generated over 20 thousand leads.

My Vision is to educate 100,000 Marketers & Entrepreneurs understand Digital, help them develop a system and strategies to increase their revenue, making them more profitable & scalable.



Why is it Free?

I want to add more value to you by giving it for FREE and help you take the next step in your business.

Will I be able to generate my email list?

Yes, for the next five days, you will receive the step by step instructions. Once you follow the same, you will generate your email list. Some of my students have built more than 150 to even 1500 subscribers for their email list within five days.

Believe in the process, take action, and you will have your list in 5 days.

How can I access the instructions?

In your mailbox, you will receive the instructions in your mail.

Check what student's says


Some people don't like to read all the content and directly scroll down to the end to see the offer.

If you are like that, then here is a recap.

Join the 'Build Your List From Scratch' and take your first step to build your business online.

⏩ Enroll in the 5 Day Course
⏩ Receive instruction over mail for next 5 days
⏩ Take Action & Build Your EMail List

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